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African art - Bateke:

The Teke, Bateke, are established in small numbers in the Haut-Ogoou region of Gabon. Being a minority in Gabon, this Bantu people are also very present in the DRC. Their statuary is expressed in three types, the Tege, the Butti and the Nkiba.

Bateke, Teke, Idumu mask
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African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Bateke mask

Used by members of the secret male brotherhood kidumu at funerals of village notables or at weddings and other important ceremonies, this so-called "hut" mask adopts a reduced form here.
These masks appear more and more often at celebrations. This mask is a board mask: the wearer of the mask held it between his teeth with the help of a braided ribbon. The perforations were used to fix feathers and fibers that completed the harmony of the costume. The shapes and decorations of the Teke masks emphasize the oppositions symbolizing the duality in the universe: circular, they are divided horizontally and decorated with pictograms that refer to regional body scarification.

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