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African art - Giriama:

The Giriama are a Bantu ethnic group of the Miji Benda group from Somalia (17th century). They occupy the coastal hilltops of Kenya, in fortified villages. Each clan has a kaya. This is a burial place. The village chief is the most senior and belongs to two male societies. Firstly, the cham aya waya, who draws up laws and communicates with the spirits. Secondly, the cham aya gaghu, which allows one to reach an important social level.

Giriama Kikangu Funeral Post
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rectangular post with a narrower section in the center, its top is made up of a human head with austere expression overhanging a long neck. Its straight surface is engraved with triangular and losangic motifs associated with the huts and whose rosette assemblage symbolizes the stars. These decorations also recall the colourful garment that the notables wore and refer to the status to which the deceased acceded during his initiation. The Kikangu or kigango , (plur.: Vigango), made from insect-resistant wood, was placed in a corner of the ancestor's tomb where, as the incarnation of the deceased, he was the object of offerings. The Vigango usually end up being abandoned when the memory of the ancestor incarnated there is extinguished. Very nice ...

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