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African art - Gouragué:

Gurage or Oromo neck support Ethiopia
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African art > Chair, palaver seat, throne, stool > Gurage neck support

African headrests come in an almost infinite variety: this type of African monoxyle headrest, at the same time stool, has a smooth orange patina. Equipped with a spherical foot, a block with an oblong, barely curved top, probably comes from the Gurage, Gima, or Oromo. More than eighty ethnic groups in Ethiopia have indeed produced different neck rests for individual use named yagerteras, or "pillows of my country" or "Boraati" ("tomorrow you").

Over time, the realization becoming more complex until becoming real small masterpieces of sculpture, they also became individual objects of prestige and power, placed on family or collective altars. These objects were initially intended to protect the elaborate hairstyles of their owner (man or woman) during the ...

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