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African art - Kalabar:

Kalabari Ijio ancestor screen
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African art > Doors, shutters, ladders dogon wood > Kalabari screen

With Ijos living mainly from fishing and agriculture on Nigeria's southern coast, and their small villages in swampy areas west of the Nun River, their cosmogony naturally centred around this environment. References to their warand and commercial past abound in reliquaries, rituals and masked celebrations. The tops associated with Western trading partners have become leader badges. Thus this couple carved in high relief on this panel embodies ancestors. This sculpture reigned in the sanctuaries of men among other prestigious objects. The mirror above the figures was also a popular item during transactions. Polychromy off, erosions and cracks.
Their masks and other artistic productions are intended to honor aquatic spirits, otojo, which they venerate and to whom sacrifices were ...

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