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African art - Kissi:

Statue Nomoli
African art > African statues : tribal fetish, maternity > Statue Nomoli

Among the tribes living in Sierra Leone, Mende and Kissi, mostly rice farmers, worship stone statues dating from the Sapi kingdom. The latter stretched from Guinea to Liberia until the 16th century.The Temné organized themselves as chiefdoms led by a supreme leader. The company ragbenle or mneke, responsible for fertility, intervened at the death of the chief. The association bundu, meanwhile, prepared young girls for their adult lives. The Temne and Bullom made a lot of ivories "afro-Portuguese" following European orders. The Mendé's U-002nomoli", placed on altars, benefited from libations in order to increase harvests. These stone sculptures, mostly in steatite or saponite, called pombo (deceased) played, on the other hand, in the Kissi, a role of intermediary with the ancestors. ...

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