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African art - La Porte Dogon:

Bwami Lega Bilondo necklace
African art > Jewelry, ornament > Collier League

A prestigious badge of an initiated member of the Bwami, this necklace, which was worn daily, incorporates bilondo objects publicly indicating the status achieved by its holder. If the uninitiated reads certain signs, the follower will understand more deeply the symbolism of wearing this or that accessory.
The necklace consists of carved wooden beads and bone teeth, horn, talisman in the form of a miniature mask in ivory, cauri and pearl.
Following their exodus from Uganda in the 17th century, the Lega settled on the west bank of the Lualaba River in the DRC. Also known as Warega, these individuals live in self-contained villages surrounded by palisades, usually on the top of hills. The role of the chief, kindi , is held by the oldest man of the clan, who must be the highest ...

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