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African art - Lunda:

Mask Lwena Mukishi wa Pwo
African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Lwena Mask

This mask featuring a female ancestor, Pwevo, is engraved with checkered patterns associated with traditional ethnic scarifications. These details differentiate it from Tschokwe productions despite the relative similarity of their masks. Dark brown matte patina.
As Lunda origin, the Lwena emigrated from Angola to Zaire in the 19th century, repelled by the Chokwe. Some became slave traders, and others, the Lovale, found refuge in Zambia and near the Zambezi in Angola. Their society is matrilineal, exogamous and polygamous. The Lwena became known for their often honey-coloured sculptures, embodying figures of deceased ancestors and chiefs, and their masks related to the initiation rites of the mukanda . A piece collected by the painter 'a ...

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Zambia or Kongo Mask
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African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Kongo Mask

This small, bleached oval-faced mask has a flat crest with a cross. Christian iconography and the presence of missionaries may have inspired the creation of this unmistakably feminine mask at the beginning of the 20th century. The presence of black hatches under the bulging eyelids also recalls the tears of the female archetype Mwana Pwo of The Chokwe, Pwevo or Nalindele in the Ovimbundu and Luvale of Zambia. These types of masks, readily available in various characters, called makishi (Sing. likishi) in Zambia and akishi in the same groups established in Angola and R.D.C., were worn by men during the initiation rites of the male society mukanda , which are shared in a few shades by the Chokwe, Lunda, Luvale or Lwena, Under the pattern of twin triangles marking the forehead, the thick ...

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