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African art - Ndaka, Ndaaka:

Ndaka Mask, Ndaaka de l Uituri
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African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Ndaka Mask

Thick, slightly convex in shape and quite frustrated except for the detail of a regular metal dentition, this rare mask comes from the forested regions of Ituri in the north of Umaniema. A number of small groups of farmers in the clearings live in contact with the Mbuti pygmies of the forest, these are the Bali, Ndaka, Mbo, Lombi, etc. Most often flat and pigmented with white in reference to the animal world, these masks associated with their raffia costumes perform during ceremonies nkundi seed to initiations and circumcisions of young people. The sculptor's tool marks the surface of this monochrome mask carved into the bark. The arcades have an asymmetry.
Nested Dark Eye.
Hightop on a base: 32 cm.
Ref.: Congo masks Ed. M.L. Felix

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