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Goma Mask
African art > African mask > Goma Mask

Ample volume whose concave orbits occupy the central part, this African mask of boa features a face with zoomorphic ears arranged in height. The defined nose is straight, and the mouth points slightly. Parallel grooves and decorative friezes highlight the features. Breaks at the contours. Kaolin crusty residue around the eyes. Dark satin patina.
Live in villages clustered around Lake Tanganyka, the Boa are organized into matrilineal clans living mainly from fishing. Little by little, they mingled with the Bembe and The Buyu established in the mountainous regions near the lake. They worship lineage ancestors, the spirits of nature named maseko and have male initiation associations karunga and kilanda . They are mainly known for their masks related to circumcision ceremonies butende. ...

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Nsindi Songola Mask
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African art > African mask > Songola Mask

Extreme simplification for a powerful impact: this Songola mask composed of flat faces has an inverted triangle front whose edge extends from a slightly curved angle. The latter indicates a nose joining the oblique lying base, the hollowed-out center of which evokes a mouth or even a snout. Reduced to the essentials, the circular openings of the eyes are simply dug into this mask coated with a thick layer of kaolin. Mixed by alliance with the Lega, Ngengele and Zimba, the Songola are swallowed by the elders of the bloodlions. They borrowed from the Luba and Songye the Luhuna institution composed of dignitaries and that of the Bwami by their lega wives. The Songola live hunting and fishing, they engage in sculpture although the objects associated with the cult of Bwami come from the Lega. ...

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