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African art - Aduma:

The Aduma are an ethnic group established in central Gabon, in a mountainous region. The Adouma, "men of the river" or "masters piroguiers", have long lived on the banks of the Ogooué, upstream and downstream of Lastourville between the reaches of Doume and Bounji.

Aduma Mask
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African art > African mask > Aduma Mask

Ex-Belgian African art collection.
An unusual African mask, linked to the cult of ancestors. An interesting geometric face, many indigenous restorations that have fortified the state of the room. The punctures visible on the chin assume the presence of old raffia fibers.
The Adouma are an ethnic group from Gabon, Central Africa. The Adouma, \

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Masque Aduma, Duma
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African art > African mask > Aduma Mask

An oval-shaped African mask, it has a slightly prominent forehead whose central ridge, enhanced with black, extends to the nose. The eyebrow arches house two thin slits for vision. A fine gash is the mouth. Dividing the forehead vertically and marking the eyelids, deep incisions recall the scarifications of the ethnic group. The sculpture was encased with a kaolin named pemba , from a clay soil found in Gabon on the banks of rivers, in savannahs or in forest quarries. In the past, human ashes were mixed. The dancer is accustomed to attributes that are supposed to give him the qualities of certain animals, such as the panther, the genette or the monkey. It has monkey hair sceptres. Grainy dry skate, abraded. The Aduma are an ethnic group established in central Gabon, in a mountainous ...

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