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Figure of "colon" African Baoulé
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Western influences in African art baoulé .
Communicly called 'colon' but sometimes embodying a type of 'ideal spouse' according to individual criteria, this male figure distinguished by his overweight is classically represented adopting a casual but assured posture, hands slipped into pockets. (" African Art Western Eyes, Baule, Vogel, p.253 to 257)Patine smooth polychrome.
Two types of statues are produced by the baoulé in the ritual setting:The Waka-Sona statues, being of wood in baoulé, evoke a assed oussou, being from the earth. They are part of a type of statues intended to be used as a medium tool by the soothsayers komian, the latter being selected by the spirits asye usu in order to communicate the revelations of the afterlife. The second type of statues, made ...

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