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Bemba zoomorphic mask
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The zoomorphic masks of the Bemba, Babemba, Wemba, or Mubemba (not to be confused with the Bembé of eastern R.D.C.) are preserved by hunter societies and exhibited during agrarian festivities and rites. The Bemba, from Maniema, claim to be of Luba origin and have settled on the shores of Lake Moero, near Zambia, and Lake Tanganyka. During the 19th century, the Bemba participated in the slave trade by allying with the slave king Msiri. Colonial politics dispersed them in the 20th century. Their leader now reigns in Kasama, Zambia, they believe in a supreme god, Lesa, worship nature spirits, Ngulu, a snake named lunga, and mythical ancestors. Their very diverse art was influenced by that of their neighbors, Luba, Lunda, Tabwa, Nyamwezi.Their statues present aberousal scarifications running ...

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