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Statuette Binji
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The Binji , Babinji (not to be confused with the Mbagani) form, among the Bembe and Buyu , scattered groups from the branch Bushoong of Kuba, which give considerable prestige to the art of hunting. Since the Tschokwe introduced the use of tobacco and hemp, they carved particularly refined pipes. Their less renowned masks, and their everyday objects, are imbued with the characteristics of Kuba art.This Binji statuette is depicted wearing the large hema mask tshibangabanga , reserved for the leader of the initiation camp. The insiders danced with fibre masks.
This mask tshibangabanga with a wide visor front had a summit appendage to add feathers. A buzzed nose separates rectangular eyes whose sinking confers a menacing appearance. The figure was dressed in a woven raffia vest and a ...

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