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African art - Bura:

Bura funeral urn
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African art > Jars, amphoras, pots, matakam > Bura funerary urn

Remarkable, African Bura art includes three types of archaeological sites in the Niger Valley: sites with necropolises where coffin jars, funerary urns, etc ... Sites with ritual vocations where ceremonies were happening and the religious rites. The habitation sites where we find the usual objects. Herisse in his height of vertical lines composed of small circular reliefs, this conical receptacle was placed in the tomb of the deceased among personal effects like his weapons and clothing that he might need in the afterlife, among his bones and teeth. The piece has the same patterns placed horizontally around the perimeter of its lower base.

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Funerary urn Bura
African art > Jars, amphoras, pots, matakam > Funerary urn Bura

The work of the earth in African art.

This spherical funeral urn surmounted by a head is atypical: the urns Bura is in fact most often in phallic form, symbol of life, eternity, transmission. The face overhangs the room has small eyes fixed towards the horizon as well as a nose and a mouth summary. The upper half of the urn is decorated with crenellated liner patterns. The Bura terracottas inherent in African art were discovered less than thirty years ago. Sold piece without TL test.

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