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African art - Dadiya:

In the Upper Benue region are the Tula, Burak, Jen and Dadiya ethnic groups, who form an Adamawa-speaking people. The Dadiya mainly produced ceremonial weapons of wrought iron. These were taken out during the kal rite. Jen'nyi dance sickles and coins have also been found.

Currency Dance Stick Dadiya Jen nyi
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African art > Coins in bronze, black iron and other materials > Dadiya Currency

This primitive iron coin whose blade evokes the head and beak of a bird has a handle whose lower end is wrapped in a metal strip ending in a twisted hook. The top is equipped with a small bell. This weapon originated in the Dadiya of northeastern Nigeria, and its use changed over time into a currency of exchange. Small ethnic groups, such as the Tula, Dadiya, Burak and Jen (or Dza) form an Adamawa-speaking people established in the Upper Benue region. The Dadiya produced wrought iron ceremonial weapons, used by young people initiated during the kal ( nyansanye) and dance spoilers named jen'nyi . In Africa, before the colonial period, payments were never made in coins. Transactions were made using cauris, pearls, cattle, kola nuts, but also metals, including iron in particular. These ...

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