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Currency Dance Stick Dadiya Jen nyi
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Ex-Swiss African art collection.
This primitive iron coin whose blade evokes the head and beak of a bird has a handle whose lower end is wrapped in a metal strip ending in a twisted hook. The top is equipped with a small bell. This weapon originated in the Dadiya of northeastern Nigeria, and its use changed over time into a currency of exchange. Small ethnic groups, such as the Tula, Dadiya, Burak and Jen (or Dza) form an Adamawa-speaking people established in the Upper Benue region. The Dadiya produced wrought iron ceremonial weapons, used by young people initiated during the kal ( nyansanye) and dance spoilers named jen'nyi . In Africa, before the colonial period, payments were never made in coins. Transactions were made using cauris, pearls, cattle, kola nuts, but also metals, ...

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