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Galoa Mask
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African art > African mask > Galoa Mask

Former Galoa mask from Gabon. The Galoa (or Galwa) living downstream of Lambaréné on the river Ogooué.
This is most likely a mask of twins. Surmounted by a cap, mask is slender with a red forehead symbol of life and the lower part of face white.
Note that the mask is compet with its adornment of raffia.

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Galoa mask, Galwa
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African art > African mask > Galoa mask

African art Galoa.
This shallow African mask has a smooth, velvety surface on which polychrome triangular patterns and kaolin points have been applied. The brow bone, whose rib is outlined in white, overcomes folded eyelids recalling the masks Bakwele and Vuvi. A narrow mouth forms a very slight bulge. This type of mask is used by Okukwé initiates from the Lower Ogoué Lake District to unveil wizards. It is after a divination rite that the mask will proceed to the appointment of the culprit. They were also exhibited at the funeral of chiefs or exceptional events such as the birth of twins. The Galoa (or Galwa), neighboring tribe of Punu, Pounou, live downstream of Lambaréné on the Ogooué River.

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