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Statue Lengola
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The stylized African art of the forest tribesCubic volumes and sharp angles make up this Lengola statue, whose characteristics are similar to Metoko sculptures. A flat-cut face, with its orbits with two large, lowered eyelids, ends in a geometric jaw at the end of which the mouth is just incised. The short arms, spread from the straight bust, are equipped with large digitized hands. The apron hips are extended with parallel tubular limbs on rounded feet. Cracks, beautiful satin patina and abraded. This male cult effigy comes from the Lengola , living near the Metoko in the center of the Congolese basin between the Lomami and Lualaba rivers, people of the primary forest dedicated to the worship of a single God, rare monotheism in Africa. Their company, Bukota , welcoming both men and ...

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