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Gabon s Lumbu Mask
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This African mask is one of the stylistic variants of Gabon's white masks, itengi , (pl. bitengi) with a subtle-shaped face. In early art, this tribal mask from Gabon was associated with the various secret societies of Gabon, including the Bwiti , Bwete , and the Mwiri ("le"), the latter spreading into several levels of initiation, to which all the Punu men belonged, and whose emblem was the Caiman. The punu did not involve any masks in the rituals of the Bwiti, unlike the Tsogo. These powerful secret societies, which also had a judicial function, included several dances, including the leopard dance, the Esomba, the Mukuyi, and the dance of the Okuyi, on stilts, remaining the most widespread. Within this group, the Lumbu, Loumbu, Balumbu, located on the coastal part of Gabon and in the ...

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