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African art - Matakam:

Primitive Mint Kirdi Matakam
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African art > Used objects, pulleys, boxes, loom, awale > Matakam Currency

African art and jet weapons
The Matakam also called Mafa, from the group named Kirdi or "païens" by the Islamic peoples, are a population of Central Africa, mainly present in the far north of Cameroon, also in Nigeria. The Kirdi include the Matakam, Kapsiki, Margui, Mofou, Massa, Toupouri, Fali, Namchi, Bata, Do ayo... They live on agriculture, fishing and livestock. The Matakam are known to have been the first in contact with German settlers. Monotheists, they believe a "god of humans" named Jigilé whose spelling can vary. Nevertheless, they remain animistic and therefore make sure to attract and retain the benevolence of the forces of nature. The ancestors being the mediators between the world of the living and Jigilé, the Matakam practice the cult of ancestors. In Africa, before ...

Mangam Matakam Mask
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African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Mangam Mask

This type of African crest mask forms a hybrid composition thanks to the combination of zoomorphic elements such as a bifide beak and forward curved horns. Circular shapes are used for eyes with large pierced pupils. The masks of the ceremonies mangam of the Mama, whose buffalo masks are better known, are used within the ethnic group by members of a male association responsible for maintaining social order and increasing or promoting agricultural production. Ochre crusty patina. This mask whose horns symbolize fertility is therefore danced during the holidays in relation to agricultural fertility and sometimes human fertility.
The Mama buffalo masks are kept in the sacred wood and are brought back to the village to accompany the deceased into the world of the afterlife or to ...

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