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African art - Nkanu:

Nkanu Drummer Statue
African art > African Statues > Nkanu figure

This drum sculpture is from the Nkanu of R.D.C. They live on agriculture along the Lufimi River. Their villages are grouped in groups of four or five under the authority of a local chief leading the heads of families. Drum players also appear on carved wooden panels displayed during initiation rites. The sound of the drum, among the Kongo and Yaka, covered the groans of circumcision, drove out malevolent spirits, and encouraged future initiates. A similar piece was donated by François Edouard Cabra in 1903 to the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren.

Large orbits surround the pupils of the character whose face recalls The Yaka statuary. The face, covered with white clay and reddish pigments, is characteristic of the Nkanu. The feet of the musician represented on the drum ...

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