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Dogon Tabouret
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Among the traditional seats of African art, this Malian stool with a matte ocrée patina.br-The body of this seat is sculpted with ribbed diamond motifs at salient angles. The broken lines refer to the dogon cosmogony. Eroded concave plateau.
The Dogons are a people renowned for their cosmogony, esotericism, myths and legends. Their population is estimated at about 300,000 souls living southwest of the Niger Loop in the Mopti region of Mali (Bandiagara, Koro, Banka), near Douentza and part of northern Burkina (northwest of Ouahigouya). Villages are often perched atop the scree at the edge of the hills, according to a unique architecture. The history of migration and the facilities of the Dogon (about ten main groups, fifteen different languages), relates to several hypotheses. ...

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