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Suku Kakungu Mask
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The great masks of African artThe suku masks kakungu are normally accompanied by a voluminous beard and headdress in raffia. This large face with deformed features terrorized the audience. Heavily eroded wood.

The Suku and Yaka ethnic groups recognize common origins and have the same social structure as well as similar cultural practices. They can only be differentiated by their stylistic variations. The mukanda is the name given to all the rites around the initiation ceremony of young puberty, dedicating the end of childhood and shared by many communities.
The suku kakungu masks are reputed to be among the largest masks in Black Africa. Their exaggerated features, swollen and dying cheeks, massive features and prominent chin were to inspire fear to the spectators. ...

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Suku ritual cup, Kopa
African art > Usual african items > Suku cup

The ritual consumption of palm wine in an individual cut, Kopa, Koopha, was the prerogative of the lineage leader or the matrilineal supreme leader at ceremonies, such as a wedding. It was then passed on to the next generation. Refined cup whose grip has satin the surface, it integrated into the treasure of regalia, objects of prestige symbolizing the status and reserved for the chieftaincy.
Symbols in the form of summary incisions are engraved between the two spouts. Patina nuanced. Similar models called koopha were used by the Yaka (Fig.6 p.17 in "Yaka" ed 5Continents.) The Suku and Yaka ethnic groups, established in a region between the Kwango and Kwilu rivers, in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo, recognize common origins and have some similar social structures and ...

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