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Tetela mask
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With a collar engraved with parallel grooves, and a tiara with geometric patterns, this mask stands out thanks to its wide dark eyes pierced with holes, a reduced nose and a mouth revealing dark teeth. The white, matte and grainy clay, which is being sprayed with haloes and cracks locally.
Scattered in the Kasai Basin, the Tetela of Mongo origin have been the source of unrelenting conflicts with their neighbours. They also played a great deal in the slave trade. Their very diverse sculpture is marked by the influence of groups living on their contact: in the North, their art was subject to the influence of forest populations such as the Mongo, to the northwest that of the Nkutschu, and to the west that of the Binji and Mputu. Kuba traditions were also a source of inspiration, as ...

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Masque Tetela / Yela
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African art > African mask > Masque Yela

Circular mask, convex, it is divided into two vegetable colors, one based on red bark, the second of white, crusty kaolin. The large strips dug on its surface could evoke the traditional scarifications of the clan.
The Tetela and Yela groups are of Mongo origin and are neighbouring. The Sculpture of the Tetela takes various forms, borrowed from the clans they co-operate, among them songye inspirations with polychrome works. Several ethnic groups divided into branches live closely intertwined in central Zaire: the Mbole, the Yela, the Lengola, and the Metoko, and have similar associations. This proximity has generated some stylistic borrowings. Their artistic production has great analogies with that of the Metoko and Lengola. Their divination masks were displayed at the closing ...

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