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Urhobo Shrine Figure
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The Urhobos, living near the northwest of the Niger Delta River, are the main ethnic group in Delta State among the 36 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They speak Urhobo, a language of the Niger-Congo group. With the Isoko whose art is close, they are collectively known as Sobo. Their large sculptures depicting the spirits of nature, edjo, or the clan's founding ancestors, to whom sacrifices were offered, were grouped in sanctuaries within the villages. They also produce figures similar to the igbo ikenga called iphri, ivwri, half-animal, half-human. They personify male aggression and are intended for warriors and notables. However, after consultation with the soothsayer, young children can also wear miniature iphri strapped to their necks in the form of geometric amulets. This ...

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Reliquary anthropomorphe Urhobo
African art > African Jar > Reliquary anthropomorphe Urhobo

Ex-collection French African Art This reliquary box in the shape of a character represents Owedjebo, ancestor founder, accompanied by his wife and their child.

It is part of the tutelary statues of Eherhe clan Agbon. The statues are two-tone black / white to symbolize the power of the ancestral figure. On the head, the character as well as the small lateral figures wear a headdress in the shape of a hat, symbol of their high rank. There is a thick layer of kaolin on the body and face. The lines, and in particular the mouth, strongly contrast by the addition of dark pigment. A small front door opens onto a tooth-shaped cavity in which traces of relics can be seen.

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