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We offer you a large selection of unique pieces of African art. Coming from private collections or purchased directly “in situ”, these works are the subject of a special study to determine their provenance as well as their conditions of acquisition. We make it a point of honor to offer our customers quality works of African art, old or contemporary, acquired within the framework of an ethical market. It is the history of these pieces that we invite you to discover through our gallery and websites.

Guéré Mask
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Ex Belgian private collection of African art Edouard Bonhomme.
Very similar to the Bété masks, this Guéré mask is very stylized and has elements worn in projection.
The tubular eyes are strongly detached from the face as are the mouth and two small horns. The pointed ears are covered with kaolin. The forehead is rounded. Exhibited during funeral ceremonies, these "detective" masks are intended to point out the culprits.
The Guéré are an ethnic group from a forested region along the western border of Côte d'Ivoire. They are part of a larger Wé tribe that also includes the Wobé ethnic group with whom the Guéré share many customs and beliefs.

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