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The achievements of African tribal art fascinated many European artists and collectors in the 20th century. From André Breton to Picasso, all were seized with a buying fever that quickly spread in the middle. If these sculptures are more of an artistic dimension for Westerners, it is nevertheless through their ritual sacralisation that they reveal themselves for the African peoples. Their ceremonial role confers on them a unique power that distinguishes them from other forms of ethnic art. These works were acquired (sold or offered by natives) throughout the twentieth century by ethnologists on mission or colonial cooperatives to be exhibited in museums, or integrated into prestigious private collections. This is the story of these pieces that we propose to discover through our gallery and our website.

Kongo Fetish
promo art africain
African art > African statues : tribal fetish, maternity > Kongo Fetish

Ex-Swiss African art collection.
In place of the magic charge U-002bibilongo" located on the abdomen, this naturalistic Kongo effigy has this time a protrusion adorned with a pattern forming a female sex. The distortion of the mouth evoking pain, it is probably a mediating figure, protective, therapeutic or associated with circumcision. The patina combining different shades of brown has acquired a satin feel. Desication grooves. The magic ingredients "bilongo" were frequently concealed in the receptacle on the abdomen of the face, which was otherwise sealed by a mirror. The sorcerers nganga, both healers, were in charge of religious activities and mediation with the God called Nzambi through consecrated figures. Aggressive witchcraft kindoki is the absolute evil that must be ...

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Gouro Zaouli Mask
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African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Gouro Zaouli Mask

African art Gouro.
Among the group of Mande of the south, in central Côte d'Ivoire, the Gouro have been using a family of African masks associated with the dance Zaouli since the 1950s. Like the Goli masks of the Baoulé, all Guro masks come in two zoomorphic masks followed by a third anthropomorph, which is considered the wife of the mask zamblé , the Gu . The Gu , whose function is apotropaic, represents a young woman with the criteria of beauty specific to Guro, especially facial scarifications and lime teeth. The zaouli incarnate a mature man with a beard represented by raffia cords attached to the lower perforations of the mask contours. The Zamblé, on the other hand, embodies a bush animal, usually an antelope. The forehead occupies three-quarters of the top volume of this ...

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Dan Gagon / Maou Mask
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African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Diomande Mask

Ex-French African art collection.
A curved beak-shaped mouth, evoking calao, extends the lower part of this African mask Dan Maou , Mau. With a beard that the ritual coatings have stiffened, this face that borrows the gaze of the race mask zapkei Dan , hesitating between two natures, turns into a zoomorphic piece. This type of composition is recurrent in African tribal statuary. The Dan populations of the north known as Yacouba of Côte d'Ivoire and the Maou de Touba (Maouka), after borrowing them from the mandé people neighbour, use them in secret male ceremonies including the Koma of the Maou . The eyes are surrounded by a thin red cloth that once came from the clothing of Senegalese gunners. Three metal teeth spring from the mouth. The parallel grooves surrounding the contours of ...

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Lega Statuette
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African art > African statues : tribal fetish, maternity > Lega Statuette

Ex-belgian African art collection.
Identifiable by its context of use, this male statue belonged to an insider of the Bwami and was part of a set used during the initiations. She could only be seen at that time. The teacher guided the aspirant to a place where masks and statuettes were exhibited, and it was through careful observation that the future initiate had to guess the more or less complex meaning of these objects, real metaphors referring to largely to proverbs and sayings. Those who were not allowed to see the object, in order to be protected, had to submit to expensive ceremonies, and sometimes even join the lower rank of the Bwami, the kongabulumbu , at great expense to the families. Each of these initiations took place over seven days and included at least seven ...

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Wall Ham Pilu doll
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African art > African Dolls > Wall Ham Pilu doll

The coronation of marriage in African art.
Great Fali engagement doll, the Fali living in North Cameroon, but also on the border of Nigeria and Chad.
Around a wooden structure, the doll is entirely trimmed with a multitude of multicolored pearl necklaces depicting the body and braided hair.
The arms are made of leather straps with the ends decorated with cauris.
This type of African fetish doll is carried like a child, in the back of the young woman. and is offered to her among others present by her fiancé who chooses the sex.
It is therefore a guarantee of marriage and the hope of starting a family. The young woman will take care of the doll until the birth of the first child, then separate from it
The size and weight of the doll reinforce the bride's ...

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