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Yupik Mask (N° 25519)

Large naive and colorful anthropo-zoomorphic mask of the Yupik type, to hang. The mask takes the shape of a fish with a human face and arms, onto which removable elements, arms, fish, toothed areas and cups are grafted. It is also decorated with animal fur, feathers, a wicker arch, and three human faces sculpted in bas-relief. Polychrome, matte pigments. Chip (inner edge).
In the Arctic regions of North America called “Inuit Nunangat” live the Inuit people related to the Yupitt, Yupiks, of Alaska and Siberia. The Yupik and Esquimo, Eskimo, make, despite respecting certain traditional conventions, ceremonial masks of very varied size and appearance. For each occasion, following a dream, the shaman will indicate to the sculptor the function and shape of the mask required and which he will wear himself. The masks are associated with the “yua” souls of different animals or fish, which should be honored through rituals.  


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OriginEx-collection française
EthnyYupik (Esquimau)
CountryAlaska du nord
Material(s)wood, plumes, fourrure animale, osier
Height cm97
Width70 cm
Weight1.80 Kg

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