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Ligbi mask (N° 23653)

African masks and Muslim influence.
Paired faces with a triple nose bridge, and surmounted by human figures, present the colored highlights and scarified motifs of Ligbi art. Semi-gloss black patina. Desication crack.
Established in Ivory Coast, but also in Ghana, the Ligbi, islamized, however suffered the influence of tribal sculpture Senufo, since they charged Senufo or of the Mandé to carve their masks. The Djimini, on the other hand, are Senufo living in the Dabakala region. Their masks linked to the do society, whose dances were generally supervised by the Ligbi, are therefore imbued with these reciprocal influences. This masked tradition, shared by the Djimini, has been preserved to manifest itself during the religious festivals of aïd-el-fitr and Aïd el-Kébir (festival sheep) accompanied by sacrifices and songs, and thus symbolizing the breaking of the fast. Just before the festivities, if necessary, the mask will be repainted and therefore coated with koro, composed of burnt foliage whose ashes are mixed with palm oil.  

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OriginEx-collection française
Countrycôte d'ivoire
Height cm40
Width16 cm
Weight0.80 Kg
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