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Centered on the veneration of its gods, or orisà, the Yoruba religion relies on artistic sculptures with coded messages (aroko). This African sculpture of the Yoruba type, allowing communication with the beyond, could embody one of the many female goddesses, the goddess of the earth Onilé ("owner of the House"), guarantor of longevity, peace, and resources, and linked to the powerful Ogboni society among the Yoruba Egba and Ijebu. She could also symbolize Orunmila, goddess of divination. Intended to be enthroned on an altar, this type of object was venerated by members of the powerful Ogboni, or Osugbo, society responsible for justice.
Hairstyle and integumentary ornaments also indicate the social rank of the character. Grainy abraded patina, minimal cracks, erosions.

The kingdoms of Oyo and Ijebu arose following the disappearance of the Ifé civilization and are still the basis of the political structure of the Yoruba . The Oyo created two cults centered on the Egungun and Sango societies, still active, who venerate their gods, the Orisa, through ceremonies appeal to masks, statuettes, scepters and divination supports. The slave trade helped spread Yoruba beliefs across continents.  

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OriginCollection française
Height cm52
Width23 cm
Weight2.75 Kg

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